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N.2 Clean room


N. 2 Laser projector station

±0.25mm tolerance on 54m≤, Virtek

N. 7 Autoclaves

max2.6mX6.0m up to 200°8bar

N. 1 Cutting plotter

automated feeding with rolls up to 2m, prepreg & honeycomb

N. 7 controlled -18°C storage

N. 1 Heated press

270 tons, 0.7mX0.7m

N. 1 3D Printing Machine

FDM 914mmX610X914 mm

N.2 CNC - 5axis

6.0mX2.7mX1.7m, Rambaudi
2.6mX1.5mX1.2m, CMS

3D Printing Machine


Automatic Plies Cutting

Laser Projection

NC Machine


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