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Plyform’s equipment

By 19th February 2020No Comments
Quality in Plyform’s work is a key element.  Our material lab is equipped for physic and chemical tests, macro-scope and video-endoscope for optical analysis, HPLC, DSC, muffle furnace for calcination, resin content, static mechanic tests and a stereoscope. Two laser projector station with ±0.25 mm tolerance on 54 m≤ (Virtek), 1 cutting plotter automated feeding with rolls up to 2 m, prepreg & honeycomb, 1 heated press of 270 tons, 0.7 m x 0.7 m and 1 CNC – 5axis 6.0 m x 2.7 m x 1.7 m (Rambaudi) is just some of the state of the art equipment Plyform works with.